Date Night: TapAsia

For anyone who knows me, I’m such a foodie. I’m definitely not afraid to try different cuisines or dishes, so I was very excited to see a new, non-chain restaurant open up near by!

Rose Tea

TapAsia just opened up on Lark St in Albany, NY with a menu that displays a fusion of Thai and Japanese cuisine. The restaurant itself has a cozy and charming atmosphere, with classical music playing and the fireplace going as you dine. The dinning room is an intimate space, perfect for a date or a small party of friends to gather for some truly delicious food.

My boyfriend, Mr Moore, and I started with some refreshing beverages. He tried their Rose Tea with some Organic Syrup as a sweetener. It took some time for the wrapped Rose petals to seep into the water, but it was such a light and soothing drink. I was able to enjoy the Homemade Ginger Ale soda. It was full of fresh ginger and lime flavors, and the hint of mint was a nice touch.

Homemade GingerAle

If you are a fan of Asian food, you’ll definitely enjoy their menu. The Spicy Chicken Katsu Steamed Bun, Holy Salmon, and the Massaman Curry all sounded like great options, but I had specific flavors in mind when we sat down to eat. Our first dish came from their full page of Tapas.  If you like Crispy Calamari ($12), then you will definitely enjoy TapAsia’s. It was lightly breaded, well seasoned, perfectly crisp, and full of fresh Squid. Perfectly partnered with some sweet Thai chili sauce, the Calamari was a great beginning to our meal.

Kara-Age Chicken

Mr Moore ordered the Kara-Age Chicken ($7) from the Tapas menu. These were lightly breaded and seasoned wings, in a sweet Homemade aioli sauce, sprinkled with sesame seeds, purple pansies, and pickled bok choy. Of course these came out piping hot, but we were both so hungry we dug in anyway. As we were winding down from our last Tapas dish we asked for moist towelettes (because who eats chicken wings with manners?) and our waitress was more than willing to provide us with warm, wet napkins so we could prepare for our entrees.

Tom Yum Fried Rice
Chicken Katsu

I chose the Tom Yum Fried Rice ($13) as my entree simply because the phrase, “Mama won’t let me change the recipe”, was written in its description. I always follow my stomach, and she told me if Mama was involved with this dish, it has to be good. My stomach hasn’t let me down yet. This dish was full of juicy chicken and shrimp, and seasoned to perfection with Thai-herbs, lemongrass, Kamir lime leaf, garlic and chili pepper. Mr Moore enjoyed the Chicken Katsu ($17). His chicken was lightly seasoned, fried and paired greatly with the Katsu sauce and rice.

After all of these plates, we were full to the brim. Still, we ordered some dessert to go: Donuts! These sweet, freshly fried donuts were served hot with two dippings sauces. No pictures, unfortunately, because they were gone before we got home. All in all, if you are looking for a new, clean, intimate place to eat with friends (or that special someone) that serves delicious Asian fusion cuisine, and provides exceptional customer service, TapAsia on Lark St is the place to go!




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