My 30 Day Challenge: Week 3

Adrienne Mishler

Sharing more reflections of my yoga and meditation practice! Like I stated in the beginning of my challenge, I am not perfect. These days of practice did not happen consecutively (just as I knew they wouldn’t) and that is okay. The whole purpose is for me to develop this healthy habit, challenge myself, and inspire me creatively.

I’m still really enjoying this practice with Adrienne Mishler, who I follow on YouTube. She is great with providing alternative moves based on any injuries or level of practice. And honestly, it feels like you are working out with a friend in your living room.

Day 13

Post medication musical choice: Esperanza Spaulding

Buddhist words of wisdom: “Do not blindly believe what others say, even the Buddha. See for yourself what brings contentment, clarity and peace. That is the path for you to follow.”

I woke up very agitated but now I’m trying to remember why. 🙂 I’m actively practicing to maintain this calm nature, breathing in and out love, compassion and openness. Where ever or what ever I’m doing I refuse to be rushed. If I must I will intentionally slow down. I hope to enjoy every moment of today.

In response to the words of wisdom, I believe we are always finding ourselves seeking to keep feeling happiness and love. The only way I can feel secure in these two things is if I find my own formula. Someone else cannot do it for me, only I can make the necessary choices to create and maintain my clarity, peace and contentment. Things will always get in the way and I’m preparing myself to roll with the punches instead of getting knocked down, I will keep my balance, peace, clarity, and contentment. It is mine.

Day 14

Post medication musical choice: Alicia Keyes

Buddhist words of wisdom: “Where ever you live is your temple if you treat it like one”

I feel good air filling my chest and belly

keeping my fires burning intensely


as it burns away

what licks at my toes

what disturbs me the most

only strong muscles contain me

and cool breezes can tame me

lost souls linger here

wanting and waiting to build this heat

lest them not feel defeat

for this is wondrous

this strength

this power

this calm mind

this fiery spirit.

Day 15

Post medication musical choice: Erykah Badu

Buddhist words of wisdom: “Though we often live unconsciously, “on automatic pilot”, everyone of s can learn to be awake. it just takes practice”

As my father always says, ‘practice makes perfect’. Being open, aware, and active is difficult but I know with practice, patience and balance I can maintain my awareness. Live in the now.

Loose and Limber.

mind fresh and quick.

nibbling on the energy of all that surrounds

strengthened by the experience of awareness.

personal knowledge.

do you know thy self?

how can you go on with out knowing?

it is perplexing.

yes, sometimes depressing, 

but I’m beyond feeling downtrodden

as i have been uplifted by my own breath.

breathe into me.

do not take it all.

just enough to taste what is called


power and love.


Day 16

Post medication musical choice: no music, just the sounds of outside

Buddhist words of wisdom: “The mind contains all possibilities.”

No lengthy reflection today. As soon as I completed my practice today, I feel into a deep sleep. Quite refreshing and definitely needed.

Day 17

Post medication musical choice: Quadron

Buddhist words of wisdom: “If you cant find the truth right where you are, where else do you think you will find it?”

tingling toes

scrambled thoughts

heart beating fast

lies were once told

now they’re all gone

lost in the distance


why replay what has been done?

why center attentions on what could’ve been?

let us rejoice in the now

prepare for playing here

creating here

birthing here

being here



Day 18

Post medication musical choice: D’Angelo

Buddhist words of wisdom: “life is as fleeting as a rainbow, a flash of lightening a star at dawn. Knowing this, how can you quarrel?”

I sat on the mat feeling really weak and scattered. Now I’m definitely more comfortable and stretched. As Adrienne stated during my yoga practice today, it is about using the opposing forces to achieve balance. I often feel the tug of different directions but I can use that tug and pull to just re-align my focus. Having this moment of practice to look forward to is encouraging in itself.

releasing it all

watch it disappear in the atmosphere

fog no more




do you feel it as you breath in?

in hale the power around you

be recharged by bravery and sacrifice

by strength and determination

refocus your eyes 

on what lies ahead

Day 19

Post medication musical choice: Muhsinah

Buddhist words of wisdom: “Hatred never ceased hatred, by love alone it is healed. This is the ancient and eternal law.”

Quite content

feeling the stretch in my loins as the

wind blows beside me

and inside me

I was thwarted

distracted by silly “urgencies”

those concerns that we create

I create no longer

i must expunge all that is poison

and ingest the delicious inspirations of sound and sight

how delightful this feels to be free

of tomfoolery

and fuckery

and the like

it feels good in this moment

this practice.

Any advice for me in my continued practice? Or better yet, are any of you working on a challenge of your own? Talk to me




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