My 30 Day Challenge: Week 2

Faith Hunter

I had to start with pictures of Faith Hunter! She is one of the amazing women that I am following in my 30 day challenge and whom I practice my meditation with by following videos on her Youtube channel.

I’ll admit I missed a two days of practice this week. But I’m not giving up! I intend to make up for what was missed because I know my body and mind deserves it! I’m enjoying the flow of creativity that is ever growing from this journey. Continuing to work towards balance and clarity!

Day 8

Post meditation musical choice: Alina Baraz and Galimites

Buddhist words of wisdom: “In one’s family, respect and listening are the source of harmony.”

My mind remains clear. I have made personal choices today that I am proud of. I refuse to have regrets or be held back by the stress of others. In response to the words of wisdom, my understanding of family is beyond blood. There are many for whom I’d do anything and everything – hence the reason why i need to center and return to myself. I will come back anew. I feel like doing free writing in this moment:

The wind blows my hair wildly

as I take a step towards the edge

I gaze over the lands

and I am as a bird flying high

I feel the love and power of all that surround

though I am alone in this moment

washed by the sun and breeze

I step back

I must return to chaos 

but I will never be the same.

Day 9

Post medication musical choice: Floetry

Buddhist words of wisdom: “To give your cow or sheep a large, spacious meadow is the best way to control him.”

Great moving meditation during my yoga practice. My hips, legs and groin are truly stretched and feeling strengthened. I used muscles today that I feel I haven’t moved in forever. Another successful morning meditation. It feels good to be in the moment despite all that goes on beyond these four walls. My mind is clear and flowing like a small waterfall. Using the imagery of the waterfall was helping in ridding my mind of distracting thoughts and letting them float away.

I’m unsure if the words of wisdom are referring to control in the sense of remaining tame and calm or being able to get the animal to do what you need/want. Still, I see this as introducing the idea of living fruitfully and full of peace, with all the necessary essentials like food, water and fresh air.

Day 10

Post medication musical choice:Deborah Cox

Buddhist words of wisdom: “To open our own heart like a Buddha, we must embrace the ten thousand joys and the ten thousand sorrows.”

Much needed practice today. I feel the stretch truly working my hips and my abdominals with all the detox stretching. I have been distracted by the negative energy of others and I feel like i do a pretty good job of actively practicing to let thoughts flow in and out like the waves on the riverbank but it does get tiring. Eventually, I can no longer keep it away and its all over my face. Then, of course, people ask me, “What’s wrong?” I’m honestly too through with talking about it as I feel that just disturbs my energy and peace that I’m practicing to maintain. I know with a calm mind, I can address the issues that would otherwise stress me out. As the day continues I will remind myself of my intention: Balance.

Day 11

Post medication musical choice: Sza

Buddhist words of wisdom: “The heart is like a garden. It can grow compassion or fear, resentment or love. What seeds will you plant there?”

Practice was shorter today but still very much needed. Yesterday i was sore and woke up feeling the same so it was great to just be with my body and breath. More visualization during meditation. I feel like free writing:

And it was all beautiful

as I stood palms clasped

mouth agape

I watched the forceful breeze 

push the clouds

the trees thrashed with flailing branches

they too want to fly

let us all soar

sore no more

just aware

feeling each heart beat

tingling as I untangle

all that garbage wastes away…

Day 12

Post medication musical choice: Kem

Buddhist words of wisdom: “True freedom comes when we follow our Buddha nature, the natural goodness of our heart.”

Practice was invigorating and inspiring. I used my lion breath to push away all that invokes stress and anxiety. Feeling quite clear and content. I’m noticing that as the day progresses different muscles feel sore or tight, which excites me. Just as much as my mind is taking shape from this practice, it seems my body is doing the same. I feel like free writing:

Strong air in and out of me

brings love and 

shoves pain to the depths

of no return

something is happening to me

I feel like fire

hot, ignited by all the possibilities

blowing in every direction

providing the light for others to see

I can not die out

and though the pressure is intense

the heat carries me through.

Any advice for me in my continued practice? Talk to me.



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