Fresh Artists: Freddie Joachim


For people who know me well, I have a playlist for everything. I listen to different music while I’m working out, cleaning, working, or just relaxing. I’m telling you, there is a soundtrack for everything. My largest playlist is comprised of instrumental music and I play this mix daily. One of the artists who is a part of my life’s soundtrack, is Freddie Joachim. His style is smooth; a beautiful fusion of Hip Hop, R&B and Jazz. Perfect for a summer’s drive, studying, lighting up the BBQ with friends, laying in the sun, or dinner with someone you love.

Born in the Philippines and now residing in California, Joachim started collecting vinyls and DJing in high school and later expanded his craft to music recording and production. He has worked with the likes of some really great artists, such as Aloe Blacc and Joey Bada$$ to just name a few. Now this guy has some really great albums, but my two favs are Midway (2010) and Fiberglass Kisses (2012).

Listening to Midway is like a luxurious  ride through the clouds with each piece of his beats providing you with energy. This is Joachim’s third full-length album and the first Featured Artist released on Mellow Orange, a artistic collective hailing from San Francisco, CA. This album is comprised of great studio production, delicious sound bites and truly mellow vibes. You can actually listen to and enjoy each track with out skipping. Honestly, this album was my introduction to Joachim and I still bump it on the regular. So many favs but I’ll try and just pick three…

Fav Tracks: “Baiser”, “Close Love”, “Don’t Dye”.

Now Fiberglass Kisses? This is what made me fall in love with the Joachim sound. This is not a complete instrumental album as it features the soulful voices of Miles BonnyMarJ MitchellL. Santiago, and  Carlitta Durand. This album is all about love – love lost and love found. Even with the tracks that feature no vocals, you can still feel the emotion behind each track; whether it is longing and yearning for that special person or just that utter joy you experience with young love. This is a stack of tracks that I have in pretty constant rotation that are great to bump during any time of the day, like at work or while with your significant other.

Fav Tracks:  “Golden Temple”, “Keep Lovin'”, “To Remind Us”.

Joachim is continuing to work on new projects as well. He recently put out two new instrumental tracks, “May” and “As” (2015), and he is also producing for more artists like South-London rapper, Rageouz. He’s definitely an artist worth following and after hearing these two new tracks, I’m excited to hear his next project in full.

Which tracks did you like? Talk to me



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