My 30 Day Challenge: Week 1


I am finally coming back from this mini hiatus and I am too happy to write. And of course this excitement brings busy thoughts and scattered ideas. Therefore, I feel the need to settle myself down. Not only that, my day job’s work schedule has lead me to eating horrible things because they were convenient and accessible. So I have decided to challenge myself and complete a 30 day “cleansing”, if you will, comprised of mental and physical exercise. I will challenge myself to engage in yoga and meditation exercises on a daily basis (knowing me, I may miss a day or two but imma try!) in order to sort my mind and ground myself. I will also eat NO fried foods, fast foods, or sweets – all of which is going to be EXTREMELY HARD as I now live in the center of bars and restaurants with all the goodies I could ever ask for. But I digress, this journey will be documented by daily reflections, including words of Buddhist wisdom from Buddha’s Little Instruction Book by Jack Kornfield, which I will post on a weekly basis. I am not Buddhist, but I find inspiration in the positive energy that these words carry. Part of my challenge is encouraging myself to continue writing and NOT allow all the “urgencies” of the world to distract myself from my favorite craft. They say completing an action for 30 days creates a habit and all I wish for is to maintain healthy happy habits. We’ll see how this goes!

Day 1

Post meditation musical choice: Jhene Aiko

Buddhist words of wisdom: “Live every act fully, as if it were your last.”

It is the beginning of my bodily cleansing. Prior to starting the exercise I was quite wound up and scattered. But now I’m feeling very aware of the pace of my breaths and I’m really grounded into this couch. Feeling very calm and centered while strengthened and confident. There are many goals I wish to achieve and at this moment they all feel possible. One item at a time.

Day 2

Post medication musical choice: Sade

Buddhist words of wisdom: “Love in the past is a memory. Love in the future is a fantasy. Only here and now can we truly love.”

Calm and Serene is truly how I feel. I transitioned from practice to journaling with Sade in the background which was even more beautiful. The sounds of rain and chirping birds are so clear and my breath remains smooth. I feel strength in my full torso but especially in my back. Very grounded like each tiny piece of my carpet is wrapping up my toes in a hug. Even despite being interrupted twice during meditation, I’m not feeling disturbed at all. There is a lot to accomplish today and I definitely feel confident in my ability to complete what I can. One item at a time. Clouds and rain will not deter my focus or grind today. I will fully enjoy each minute of today. No pressure.

Day 3

Post medication musical choice: Cassondra Wilson

Buddhist words of wisdom: “Most of the sorrows of the earth humans cause for themselves.”

Today I practiced with one of my good friends and it was wonderful to share in this therapeutic experience. I feel inspired. Such a day dreamer in this moment. I can feel the energy in my belly intensifying and keeping me warm and calm. Today may have been slow to others but I moved with my purposed. I’m remaining focused on happiness and health. Feeling loved and loving. I may write a story today…daydreamer inspired.

Day 4

Post medication musical choice:Anita Baker

Buddhist words of wisdom: “Even loss and betrayal can bring us awakening.”

I missed some days of practice over the weekend as family came to visit. What is interesting is that I recognized the vibes that my body took from the negative energy of others and the stress of having a house full of guests. Remaining calm and positive is more difficult when the energy of those around you may be sour or threatening. Just engaging in practice today is also a bit difficult. Many interruptions and distractions in the moment but it was great practice trying to refocus my attention and maintain my calm spirit and slow breaths. It was quite a sticky, hot and scattered day but I still feel accomplished. I’m striving for Balance. That is my intention. Today’s words of wisdom are true for me as I have lost something: time engaging in the practice of yoga and meditation and it made me aware of my needs as far as maintaining a period of quiet time for myself.

Day 5

Post medication musical choice: Dwele

Buddhist words of wisdom: “Words have the power to destroy or heal. When words are both true and kind, they can change our world.”

Today was difficult practice. My mind has been racing and I was feeling quite agitated and scattered prior to my routine, I feel a strong awareness and relaxation in my body now. I was so relaxed during meditation I nearly fell asleep. Today’s meditation was a guided visualization which was nice. I enjoyed floating on the clouds and despite the fact that my mind continued to wander, I was able to practice refocusing myself and keep my breathing steady. I’m feeling creative today. I might continue adding to the short story I started writing. Today’s words of wisdom speak to something that I happen to be reminded of on a daily basis in various aspects of my life, but particularly in my relationships. I’m going to make an apology tonight.

Day 6

Post medication musical choice:Billie Holiday

Buddhist words of wisdom: “Every wakeful step, every mindful act is the direct path to awakening. Whereever you go, there you are.”

Today was a much needed de-stressor. I feel overly calm and relaxed. Despite the conflicts I may need to return to, I am here and now. Enjoying the flow of the breeze in my apartment and the sounds of Billie Holiday. I refuse to allow the negative energy of others to eat at my calm demeanor. Negative thoughts shall sail like ships and I can choose to walk, talk and be more positive. Striving for Balance.

Day 7

Post medication musical choice: Sarah Vaughn

Buddhist words of wisdom: “Our own worst enemy cannot harm us as much as our unwise thoughts. No one can help us as much as our own compassionate thoughts.”

I have returned to practicing in the morning versus the evening after work. On this visually gloomy day, I feel quite bright, calm and energized. I feel the warm, tightness in my core from the yoga practice. I also feel so grounded into my couch almost like I’m apart of it. I did well with allowing my thoughts to just roll in and out of my mind. Nothing will deter from my serenity. I hope I can continue this through out my day.Today I will try to further maintain this act of awareness by practicing mindful eating.

Any advice for me in my continued practice? Talk to me.




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