Artists Speak on the Street

On May 22nd, a great group of artists gathered on Lark and Jay in Albany, NY not just share their craft, but to also speak out against the injustices that people of color of face daily in this country. Interpretive dancing, poetry, and hip hop set the tone for the event which took place right on the side walk. It was a great sight to see but even better to hear pieces that discussed the realities of Black youth, Black women, and the Black family, as well as the perspectives of each artist on the institutions that continue to perpetuate hate or create roadblocks for the Black community. Such a creative group of people using their art for purposes more than just expression. For education and social activism. Below are just a few pics from the event. Remember the names of these performers as they will definitely be seen again.



 Rouge, Horace, Heather, Jayton, Kat Sopoetic 

Kat Sopoetic and Kiki

  Kat Sopoetic



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