Fresh Artists: MARYAM


I was put on to this music by a post on twitter and I’m glad that I was. I love listening to new, fresh, and different sounds. And this was quite refreshing.

MARYAM, a singer from south-east London, produced her first EP, Heart Trip (2014). It consists of 5 light, soothing, and soulful songs that put you in the state of relaxation and reflection. According to her website, she’s been described as “experimental-pop”. I’m hearing greatness. The production is wonderful. Her sound is mesmerizing. Please give it a listen.


As I became engulfed in her sound, it reminded me of the notes sung by artists like Jill Scott or Salonge. Maryam’s voice is unique and packed with heat. She has a great range that allows her to play while on the mic. You can tell she is having fun, which I absolutely love.

Maryam- “Love Me”

Maryam- “Light Life” (acoustic version)

My analysis of Maryam: Eclectic sound & Visual beauty.  I definitely believe that people need to stay on the lookout for her, because if she continues to produce work like this she is definitely going to go and set a new trend for soulful music. Rising star right here, folks. And she’s currently working on her next EP? Be on the look out!

[Like what you hear, support the artist! Buy Maryam’s music on iTunes]


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