Tiptoes on the run

At times, these are all the whispers in our minds…

Much Respect

Freda Lee

Why do we run away from things that hurt us? Is it me? Or is it you?
Is the anger still there? Is the pain still there?
Piercing thoughts that won’t escape my mind and exit through the mouth
Did you know that you annoyed me? That I feel that you take me for granted?
That I don’t really think that you’re my friend; sure you care about me, but only sometimes
Don’t scaled me with your lies and bullshit cries
To the past, I still love you
And to the future to be, I love you with fear
Sometimes we forget we are just human beings who makes the most silliest but thoughtful mistakes
Are you confident with whom you are? Do you love yourself to every flaw that you have?
I am not perfect, but neither are you
But am I kind, but I hate it
But unconsciously…

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