I Write For That

Truth is written here. There are many times I have felt this way. Much Respect AF.

Alexis Marie Ferguson

Your validation does not motivate my words

I don’t write for your affection, and I will

never devote my words to evoking

Sympathy from you

I write because I was born

With something inside of me

That has yearned for the freedom to escape

And my quick predisposition to anger

Has given me the chance to utilize

The pain you’ve caused me

So that I can turn everything to art

I do not write for you

I do not write about you

Something has been scratching

It’s way out of my throat

And it surfaces through my afflictions

And I have found the tools I need

To create strings of words

From the thoughts I carry with me

From mind to pen to paper

With ink and sweat and blood

I will prepare every single word

You’ll have wished you could have said.

I’ll write for that.


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