Catching up with Childhood

Adulthood is interesting. I don’t know how many people still hangout with their high school friends, but I feel like since I graduated from undergrad some of my closest friends were suddenly on the fringes. Not because they moved away or we had beef. Because life happened. My girls’ lives consist of having new jobs or school programs sprinkled with relationships, kids, and other personal growth experiences related to their emerging womanhood. Now that I am in my mid 20s I am in this weird place where I’m suddenly nostalgic and yearning for random things from childhood (ie. watching the rugrats; getting the biggest bowl from the cupboard and filling it with cereal; riding my bike for hours going no where, etc.). Part of that includes hanging out with those people who I love the most and know me the best. I plan to make a point to hangout with my favorite girls as often as I can so I keep their wonderful energy in my life. 

This past weekend I spent some time with one of my bestfriends since 5th grade. I love the fact that every time I see her it’s like I saw her yesterday. We’re still raw and honest and giggling up a storm. Our festivities consisted of dinner, watching “The Interview”, and some….dare I say it… gamessss (*bmo voice*)

Talk about a throw back! It was fun…although I sucked royally. I blame it on the controllers. In any case, I’ll never be too old for days like that or friends like her.

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