Do you believe in horoscopes?

I found this interesting. As a person whose mind races sometimes, and who sits and over analyzes everything, this was a little inspiring. I’m interpreting this as, ‘stop thinking and do! And deal with what ever comes after’. It’s a risk. But I’m willing to accept the challenge and go out of my comfort zone.

I don’t think many people are willing to take risks or go outside of the box. They are satisfied with the job they hate, eating fast food and wishing their life was different. I’m bored with being complacent. And I’m tired of wishing my life away. I know that there are great outcomes from trying something new, hence my reason for starting this blog. This year is a great year to challenge oneself – go against the norm, look outside the box, color outside of the lines. I welcome what ever comes.

Horoscope courtesy of Metroland


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